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Did Johnny Araya's campaign drum up support... with Photoshop?

Just two weeks before Costa Rica’s presidential elections, National Liberation Party candidate Johnny Araya’s campaign is in full swing, stopping Tuesday night for a rally in the provincial capital of Liberia, in Guanacaste. But a photo of the event posted the same night on Araya’s Facebook page set off a firestorm on social media, with critics alleging the photo is a fraud.

“Question, why does (the banner) say Tilarán?” asked one Facebook user. “Why are some filming with their cellphones in one direction while others film in another? Why do some look in different directions? Why are the light tones different for all the people in front if the photo was supposedly taken from the same spot? Why is it so pixelated? Why are some faces blurry?”

Whoever manages Araya’s Facebook page (could it be Don Johnny?) responded by spamming the comments section with a different version of the photo, this time with the “illuminating effect” removed and the following message:

I’ve read some respectful comments and others motivated by emotions far removed from the Tico’s way of being. Let’s not exchange peace for hate and the friendliness of the Tico for unfounded aggression. I will happily share the photo without illumination (an effect that improves the vision of a mass meeting and doesn’t alter the photo). There are some people who seek to destroy what no other movement can build. Good night.

A refreshed version of the same photo, this time “without illumination (an effect that improves the vision of a mass meeting and doesn’t alter the photo).”

(Johnny Araya Facebook page)

But many of his Facebook followers weren’t convinced.

“They used Photoshop again!!!” responded one follower named Chester.

And of course, in the spirit of true Tico creativity, the memes weren’t long to follow.

Santa’s Little Helper and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band are with you, Johnny.

(Joseph Ábrego Zuñiga)

So was it real or fake? One thing’s certain, if it wasn’t Photoshop, there must be plenty of other photos coming to debunk the Villaltalieber (sorry, Justin) myth.

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this one might not be fake, I don’t know, but people are right about taking all of PLN’s pics with a grain of salt; there have been far too many of them which were proven fraudulent.

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Yes… it’s a fraud, I was there and it is in Pedregal I am near the banner hahahaha

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Even if the picture were real, Why are all those people looking sooooo sad. I mean, look at their faces,No enthusiasm whatsoever!! Faces of dissapointment. It´s like they didn´t want to be there.

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Yhoel BS

Soy yo, o tambien ciertos rostros que estan en el frente se repiten en el fondo…?

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Mario Z

Can´t say I was there, but those shadows being cast in different directions would have definitively driven me away!!

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yeah I was there too. and i was also in tortugero and then in Panama. I transported myself telepatheically to be in this picture…so much like my story this picture is also a fraud

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Karen Goicoechea

LOL I’ll vote for the American artist that appears like 3 times in different places of the same photoshop crap!!!!jhonny, por suerte que solo tenemos que pasar por SJ por diferentes calles y lo que es la capital da verguenza 21 anos en la muni y no pudo y ahora si podra??? Engane a otros pero a mi nunca!!! Yo amo a mi patria por eso regrese y votare por el que me inspira honestidad y gran amor a la patria y no a los $$$$$ como muchos.Que Dios nos guie a votar por el que mejor vaya a servir al pueblo Costarricense.

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The pic looks strange time for some honesty

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I was there, the picture is real.

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I do believe that jhonny is doing fraud just to making people trust in his party. I will not vote forma him. There are better options.

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Francisco Laurito

Both versions of the picture are pretty odd. They remind the old “Finding Waldo” posters I got as a kid. I would give it the doubt benefit but due the lack of credibility of that group, I rather say it is an outstanding FRAUD.

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