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Are these rally images ALSO photoshopped?

After Johnny Araya’s Facebook page posted a seemingly doctored photo of  a huge rally for the presidential candidate, critics didn’t waste any time before reacting. Using much better Photoshop skills then Araya’s opponents accused his campaign team of using, quick-witted Costa Ricans created their own versions of what happened at the rally. Mickey Mouse, Justin Bieber and Pope Francis all were there. An anti-Araya Facebook page seems to be keeping tabs on these recently surfaced images.

Responding on his Facebook page Tuesday night, Araya (or whoever manages his page) said the photo in question was indeed real.

But Costa Ricans never miss a chance to turn a current event into a hilarious meme.  Regardless, Araya might have the last laugh. Polls still have the ruling party candidate with a small lead.  With Michael Jackson and ALF on his side, it’s hard to see how he could lose. Below are our favorite “true” images from the rally:

Justin Bieber, Thor and Will Smith stand with Johnny.

(via Facebook)


ALF, the Three Stooges and Mickey Mouse all support Johnny in this real photo.

(via Facebook)


The pope and Goku show their approval of the PLN.

(via Facebook)


Here’s the original image:

Liberation presidential candidate Johnny Araya posted this photo of a rally in Liberia, Guanacaste Tuesday night. Critics immediately called Photoshop foul. But Don Johnny stuck to his guns.

(Johnny Araya Facebook)












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This is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The dude looks like he’s running for president of a kiddie show. I don’t know what to say regarding the people that are voting for him. You guys are voting for a jackass as a president just as a little heads up

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Joseph Abrego


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