San José, Costa Rica, since 1956
Shark spotting

Whale sharks spotted off the Osa Peninsula

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Monique Rose

Precious World.

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Hi Jason, there are several people around the Gulf that go out frequently to see the sharks, lots of people, guests and tourists, take photos, but also locals take fantastic photographs all the time and swim/snorkel with them.
Please get in touch with me over email since I don’t want to publish their contacts here openly (since I’m not sure if they’d agree to this) …and let me know what you’d need in terms of research. Maybe we can start a collaboration. I’m a tropical biologist ;) .. J

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Jason Holmberg

Is anyone photographing these sharks? This is an undocumented aggregation I believe, and we would love to track them over at! Can someone let me know who might be diving/snorkelling with them?

Thank you!

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Jose Alvarez

Nice shot! Three more years ’til retirement… can’t wait!

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It’s a shark, not a whale. Don’t be such a cynic. Enjoy the picture.

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I wonder whether the rules about keeping an appropriate distance from whales were observed here.