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193 people arrested in less than a week at Palmares Festival

Six days into the raucous Palmares civic festival, in the northwestern Central Valley, police already have arrested 198 people, according to a press release from the Public Security Ministry. Known by some as one of the country’s rowdiest parties, arrests and injuries are common at Palmares. Earlier this week we reported that 23 people were injured in the first day of the festival’s bullfights. Here is a breakdown of the arrests:


Arrested for violating Costa Rica’s Psychotropics Law (really just a fancy way of saying illicit drugs)


arrested for vandalism


arrested for “other crimes” including theft and battery

Police also seized:


doses of marijuana


partially smoked joints


bundles of crack rocks


doses of cocaine

The Palmares Festival will continue through Sunday, ending with a free concert featuring reggae artist Sean Paul. For tips on how to enjoy the festival, check out our guide.

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With all the latin countries going Pot Friendly along with the USA.. I would think Costa Rica would be a little more liberal on pot. How very sad to see people going to jail for pot. PURA VIDA

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Surprising the in the 21st century they are still making such a big deal about marijuana

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I love that festival! It surprises me that C.R. is so strict about Mary Jane. I understand wanting to stop cocaine, heroine, and other drugs.

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These people ruin the festival. It´s time to cancel this festival. Shame. The companies that sponsor the festival should think about drugs and there names being together.

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