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Tom Brady, possibly distracted by his supermodel wife's ATV controversy in Costa Rica, fails to lead Patriots to Super Bowl

The Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots, 26-16, Sunday afternoon and will play the  Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2.

There are plenty of reasons the Broncos stymied the Patriots and their superstar QB Tom Brady. Peyton Manning, the other legendary quarterback on the field, meticulously tore apart New England’s wounded defense with several long drives that ended in touchdowns. The Patriots’ suddenly hot running game was slowed down for the first time in several weeks by the Broncos. After falling behind early, Brady’s Patriots were not the type of team built for a comeback this year (though Brady did manage to run and throw for a score in the fourth quarter).

However, was there a bigger factor in the Patriots’ elimination than the distracting images taken by tabloids this week of Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen riding an ATV with her daughter, and without helmets in Costa Rica?

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 8.51.09 PM

During a vacation at their Costa Rican beach-side home, the Brazilian supermodel went for a stroll on a four-wheeler. Bundchen rode like a boss, with one hand on a handlebar and the other cradling her 1-year-old daughter Vivian – and neither wearing a helmet. The photos caused such a firestorm that Bunchden’s publicist needed to issue a statement insisting that mother and daughter were driving slowly on a private beach.

“Her hair in the picture not flying in the wind, showing a lack of speed,” was a real sentence written in the statement. This did sound like a decent defense, actually.

But now Brady is out of the playoffs, and let’s all agree that Costa Rica played a role in preventing the NFL’s most hated quarterback from getting to the Super Bowl. How could he concentrate with these paparazzi photos circulating the week leading up to the conference championship?

It’s not all bad for Brady though. Instead of going to freezing New Jersey for the Super Bowl, he can begin his off season early in sunny Costa Rica. Where he and Gisele and the family can spend their time on the beach driving an ATV real slowwwww, and Brady can forget all about football, except perhaps for the part where you wear a helmet.

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As a new Costa Rican it is a pleasure to live where some government agency doesn’t try to dictate every movement. Shes az beautiful woman and I would hate to see her mess her hair with one of those damn helmets. And there are a few private beaches in CR Sr Knowitall.

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Craig Martin

LMAO!! Matt, I like your great sense of Humor! …nothing like speculating on the Paparazzi causing the demise of a football game!

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Yeah, those latin women can drive a man bonkers. common sense isn’t too plentiful in those cultres. Brady played like crap. However, Manning will fold to the Seahawks, and the Pats would’ve done the same. Atleast the Broncos will become the laughing stock.

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Wow, Costa rica sucks. I lived there for 2 years, when I worked at Intel.
She has a net worth of 250 million. Someone with her portfolio, would consider someplace with a little more style. It’s obvious she has no taste. But, then again, what do you expect from a person coming from Brazil.

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For those people who are making a big deal out of this picture. Please , stop it. Gisele was doing like what 3km/ hr ? Damn, she was just basically taking a stroll on a sunny day on an Atv instead of walking.

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Going like sixty

OMG – of course – you are right! What a great piece of journalism. Ha.

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Funny thing is…..There are no “private beaches” in Costa Rica. Private beach ownership is absolutely forbidden.

Yes, I live in Costa Rica…at the beach.

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Benjamin Case

Leave Brady and family alone there good for Costa Rica

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Tony salvaggio

Leave it alone already , every body does it here , I live in upala , every given day , I have seen a family of 5 on a dirt bike , going to church ,

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haha is so pathetic that people came up with this kind of assumptions. “Patriots lost because Brady was distracted due to media controversy with her wife.”

Broncos were a better team. This is it!

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Great… Now the foreigners are telling the locals they should be arrested for child abuse for not wearing a helmet with their child.

I live in a community that 50% of people get them and their babies around on a bicycle. No… They do not have a baby seat? Why? Because they can not afford one and they need to get to the store to buy groceries or take their child to day care so they can go to work. Yeah, I think that women should be arrested.

You people are pathetic … You come from a country that locks up people for life in prison on a marajuna charge.

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Kim Michaud

I live in Drake Bay where the majority of people own motorcycles or ATV’s instead of cars. Here, it is an everyday occurrence to see very small babies on both of these vehicles without helmets. Mom will be riding in back of Dad on a motorcycle holding the baby, sometimes in front of Dad. The roads out here are in very bad condition, especially after the rainy season. Everyday I comment about how fast the parents would be arrested in the US and the baby taken away for child abuse.

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Matt Levin

I agree it seems the main reason Brady loss is that Manning and the Broncos were better. The second reason is that Brady wants to take an early vacation to Costa Rica. Just wait.

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A alejandra carvajal

Silvia is right.
He can now come down to Costa!

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Silvia Tharp

Are you kidding me with this article, the reason he lost is because he wasn’t the best

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