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Liberation’s Araya proposes food stamps and housing funds to tackle extreme poverty

The ruling National Liberation Party (PLN) candidate for president, Johnny Araya, unveiled two social welfare programs aimed at addressing the nearly 340,000 Costa Ricans who live in extreme poverty.

Araya proposed a food benefit program that would provide approximately $40 per month to each Costa Rican living in extreme poverty. Araya’s second proposal would build new houses or improve the current homes of 125,000 Costa Rican families.

“This is the social face that we want to have in our next government,” Araya said in a statement. “And it’s one of our principal proposals to reduce poverty and social inequality in Costa Rica.”

Araya’s plan calls for the monthly food stipend to gradually increase. It would benefit 44,808 Costa Ricans in 2014 and cover nearly 340,000 by 2017, he said. The yearly cost for 340,000 beneficiaries would be approximately $164 million. Araya said that the funds would come from surpluses in the Social Development and Family Allowance Fund (FODESAF) and funds from the Mixed Institute for Social Aid. Funds for 2016 and 2017 would come from proposals made by Araya.

The Araya campaign said the housing proposal would cost approximately $170 million, and also would rely on funds from FODESAF. The housing program would also increase over the four-year presidential term, he said. The plan called for building 40,000 new residences and 5,000 middle-class residences.

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the question isnt where is the money coming from…the better question why are politicians purposely ruining CR? This has happened to countless countries before they get huge IMF loans and are up to their ears in debt. the country cant get out. When the economy crashes big banking cartels swoop down like vultures to ¨help¨ eliminate the debt they buy it back pennies to the dollar and we become slaves to those entities. Ala, now we have a lower standard of living, cheap migrant workers everywhere, land prices sky high, our CCSS pensions jeopardized,higher education at an all time high. but when you try to ooppose this system what happens libya gets invaded, hugo gets killed, syria gets attacked, cuba gets embargoed and N. Korea gets world isolation

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i dont get why countries like USA and now CR want to reign in the poor instead of helping them get out of poverty. is it to have control over them? why are countries so quick to celebrate the poor by giving them free goodies. Im 3 months away from graduating with honors in my masters program…I work in a poor rural town teaching english so that someday my students can have a brighter future… I wake up at 4am to arrive at work at 9am. Am I getting a new house for working selflessly? Dream on…

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Horrible idea. We need Otto more than ever.

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Eddie Paradise

create ” Foodforests” in cities and else wear,that become self sustainable and lessen the need for food stamps,ectc.

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Crazy and Ben,

Sounds like you guys will have to go in search of an unfettered capitalist paradise.

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Crazy horse

This is the worst proposal I have heard of! Take a look at the USA! More people than ever on food stamps in the last 5 years! You cannot spend your way out of poverty, it does not work and never will. This sounds like Obama’s 3rd cousin running for dictator!

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My Conversation With a PLN Surporter

ME asking Why do you Like Johnny Araya?

PLN says Johnny is really rich and like rich in Costa Rica.

ME asking PLN have coruption is that okay?

PLN says Coruption is okay because Costa Rican are passive and don´t get mad so we can steal from them.

ME asking The road and Caja are falling apart should we fix them?

PLN Says No we only help are friends the rich not the poor or middle class.

Me asking Does the PLN have a plan?

PLN say no not really we say one thing during election and do nothing when we get in power.

Me asking Why do you hate poor?

PLN say poor are there to pick coffee.

Me asking Who owns Costa Rica?

PLN say the rich family that help PLN

The truth about the PLN

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Where the heck is going to get the money for this? Costa Rica is massive in debt. If PLN get in power i will start thinking about moving out of Costa Rica. PLN you are so two faced you had goverment power for eight years now when thing get intresting during election time let help the poor. Shame on the PLN and Johnny Araya. Johnny your worse than Mubarak.

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