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U.S. company hiring bilingual staff at new Heredia call center

Florida-based The Results Companies on Wednesday opened a new customer service center in the America Free Zone in Heredia, north of the capital.

The company designs, builds and operates call centers for other businesses.

The 1,500-square-meter facility in Costa Rica will house 500 new employees.

The company’s call center in Heredia is its third in Latin America, and two already are operating in Mexico. The Results Companies has 7,500 employees in 15 locations in the United States, the Philippines and Latin America.

Job-seekers can apply for posts in customer service and other administrative jobs.

Requirements include proficiency in English, previous work experience in call centers, and computer and customer service skills, among others.

Interested applicants can visit:

According to the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency, last year Costa Rica drew 43 new high-tech projects, which created 7,000 jobs and attracted $583 million in foreign direct investment.

Foreign Trade Minister Anabel González  said last year that “the services sector is showing a significant evolution, increasingly offering services of greater sophistication and complexity, largely thanks to the preparation and qualification of Costa Rican human resources.”

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Dick Masis

Hi I like to know if you this company would be able to hire an American citizen, if so, what requirements one would need to gather to make it happen?

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Gigi Solomon

Help am from roatan am very interested am good w phone n computer skill ….my # 504-9920-13-14 thank u

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these companies are great at exploiting their employees, providing a stressful working environment and then being given the boot at any moment. I would much rather start my own business than work for call centers

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did anybody read this article? if so, why are you leaving your personal data in the comments section?

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None of you are making yourself look good at all to be hired, since you clearly can not even read properly, as the article stated:

Interested applicants can visit:

On that note, who’s idea was it to populate the desks with mid tower computers…i would be curious as to who your I.T staff are as they are wasting space when they could of easily used miniITX systems, or slim clients, used less power, taken up less space and made the work area look a lot cleaner and maybe given people slight larger monitors.

Companies always make this mistake and they cheap out on the terminals their employee’s use, thus actually reducing productivity.

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Michael Paul

12 years experience in Call Centers

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What a horrible work space. About one square meter. This kind of office space design should be forbidden by law, and these cheap companies paying US$250-500 monthly salaries ignored by job-seekers.

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sindy gonzalez

I am interested too, 87892274

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David Boddiger

Folks, as much as we’d like to hire you all, posting your stats here won’t get you hired at The Results Companies. Please see story above for info on that.

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Call Center come and go. Let see what they pay.$$$$$$

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Will you give a work contract to someone from the US? I wish to reside there forevermore and need someone to give me a work contract as I don’t have Residence.

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eduardo flores

i have been providing tech support for the past 10 years. 7015-3442

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Antonio Briceño Vargas

I am very interested. Where can I send my resume to? Available for phone interview any time @883-19930.

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Tamira Pomar Alvarado

I worked in SYKES Companny for 6 years ( (1999-2005)
Thank you

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