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A Look Back

Why a new logo?

Everyone needs a new look once in a while. And while The Tico Times’ new logotype seems like a radical change from that of our old site, it’s really not. In fact, there’s a lot of hidden history behind the green circle that’s literally turning the page, and behind the retro text.

Tico Times creative director Haime Luna and wife Gerrie Gómez spent days researching the topic. They used the The Tico Times’ original font from 1956 – Futura – and Times New Roman, which was used in a second launch of the paper in 1972. (Our new isotype – the green circle with the “T” – is in Times New Roman and the new logo is in Futura.)

You probably noticed the smiling sun has disappeared – but in a way it hasn’t. We kept the circle and the original Times New Roman “T” to pay tribute to the newspaper’s history. And if you look again at the folded-over edge of the logo, you’ll see the sun is still winking at you!

Our new logo is designed to be functional online, meaning you can recognize it in any format, big or small, whether it’s a Twitter icon or at the top of our home page.

To give you an idea how it evolved, here are some of Haime’s earlier designs:

Logo proposal No. 1: The Times Memorabilia

140113TT Logo01

Here we see the circle and the original “T,” which are meant to show that we recognize what the print weekly has accomplished over the years, and that this legacy is at the center of what we do today.

Logo proposal No. 2: The Tico

140113TT Logo02

We liked the vivacity of this logo, which was inspired by the traditional Costa Rican oxcart, but we were worried the psychedelia might confuse people of our intentions. Plus, the isotype didn’t work when shrunk to a smaller size.

Logo proposal No. 3: The Explorer

140113TT Logo03

A more holistic design, we ultimately felt this one was a little too Bob Dylan.

Logo proposal No. 4: The Observer

140113TT Logo04

The soberest of the four earlier designs, the “Observer” reflects transparency and serious journalism, and is set in the colors of the Costa Rican flag. But we needed a little more flexibility and versatility. (A little more Bob Dylan.)

The Winner

We were pretty close with the first four proposals. But sometimes the best idea comes from putting your earlier ideas into a blender and seeing what comes out. See if you can spot the elements from these earlier designs in our final logo.


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Milton Mora Picado

En algún momento forme parte de la familia Tico Times preciso hice mis primeras herramientas en ventas, les felicito soy fiel seguidor a la marca sigan adelante bajo el esfuerzo y empeño que muestran llegaran muy alto, saludos un abrazo.

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joe in north carolina

I appreciate all the work that has gone into this. However, I prefer the old logo. Something new, something old….If you are trying to win over the hip iPhone crowd and, at the same time alienate the retiree generation, you may have succeeded.

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Marilyn Stevens

As a former editor as well a graphic designer who has overseen many “refurbishings” of my own magazines, I am totally aware of ALL the work that goes into an undertaking such as this one, as well as the emotional turmoil involved. And that’s all before you present it to the public! Ah, the intestinal fortitude required. I am impressed with your final outcome and understand the thinking behind your decisions. (I can just picture those staff meetings: “Too much Bob Dylan.” “Not enough Bob Dylan.” Made me chuckle and brought back LOTS of memories!) One think I agree with is that the circle doesn’t look green at all.
I know that the “launch” of a new site doesn’t mean everything is set in stone and I agree with some of the other commenters about the tweaks that still need tweaking (and I’m sure will be forthcoming). For example, I’ve been encouraging my husband to subscribe so that I can stop e-mailing articles to him — he’s trying right now and can’t find how to make that happen. Still looking for the “departments” that used to be directly below the main logo. But overall … very strong. Good luck and congratulations, Marilyn

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Jose Pacheco

Logo is nice I like it BUT reminds me a lot to the Huffington Post one and unless you know the paper already theres no way to connect it to Costa Rica. A “T” can mean a lot of words -not necesarily Tico- and the green is more of a turquoise color than green if you wanted to connect to the green Costa Rica. The redesign is awesome but doesnt reflect much Costa Rica either. Maybe thats what you wanted after all. Keep the good work up!

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Daniel Luce

Haters gonna hate. I like the new design. Thanks for your hard work. :)

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Dewald Reiners

Great work on the new design of the site. The logo is an enormous improvement but I feel you should have incorporated a double T in that, specially as the site design places the “Topics” directly below the logo, “Topics” now competes with the logo. Do keep up the good work! Pura Vida.

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Its wonderfull, really lov it. Congrats, every change its just for better.

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Carlos Lobo

Congratulations for the new look and the incredible work accomplished! I wish you luck, success and that quickly is recognized as one of the best! I’ll be watching you from Portugal! Pura vida!

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Erick Valdelomar

Excellent job by Haime Luna. The letter “T” is not, however, Times New Roman. Times New Roman has curvy serifs. The symbol is simple and flexible.

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Wm Paul Mitchell

Dear Tico Times,

Having spent 22 years as a printer, perhaps mine is just a minor quibble, but the color of your logo is not what I perceive as green. It appears to me more of a blue-green than green, maybe more like turquoise.

In your graphic displaying the color variations of the round logo, the 3rd one in the 1st row seems more green and the 1st one in the 3rd row is yellow-green which I perceive as closer to green than the blue-green/turquoise of the chosen logo.

One comment made by another reader ref the lack of navigation links that would take us to various categories (News, Sports, Entertainment, etc.) is well taken by this reader. Providing such links would help to make finding articles of interest to the reader easier to do.

As with any new project I am sure we will see useful tweaks to the new TT layout as time goes by.

I do like the left-hand scroll-bar as a navigation tool but still would like to see navigation links, as I mentioned earlier, near the top and bottom of each page.

Wishing you sucess with this new endeavor.


Paul Mitchell
TT reader since 1976

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David Boddiger

Thanks Paul. Technically you’re right on the color. On categories, click “Topics” in the upper left-hand corner under the logo. Sorry it’s hard to see now, but we’ll be adding features there that hopefully will address this issue and make it easier to understand. Thanks for reading all these years.

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Carlos Vargas

The design is nice but I find the page a little hard to read. I read the paper every once in a while but before was easier and clearer at some point. Now I feel lost trying to read it. I prefer the old stuff. I think I’ll find another news paper easier to read as I want to be informed.

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Genna Marie

I love it!

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Georgia Weighmann

I know change is always good but I will say I’m lost or I don’t understand this new page, the old page you could see all topics as well as pictures all the links and tico times contact, galleries etc. subtitles this new page doesn’t show any, I feel That it does not represent us ticos well, it might be more colorful but no personality so far not impressed at all. Good luck, sincerely Georgia

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