San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Tamarindo Talk

Erick Vogel has opened Coffee & Waffles, a new spot located 50 meters from the rotunda in front of Portofino Restaurant. Guess what they serve?

The cafeteria at WAYRA Instituto de Español is for rent. A constant clientele is guaranteed. For more info please call at 8843-4344 or write an email to

Now here’s something new: Snuba, a combination of snorkel and scuba diving. This new form of diving is brought to you by Paula Saenz. Snuba has been around for about 20 years and more than 6 million tours have been taken. The office to get started with the fun is located in the building where Le Beach Club sits on the intersection of the main Tamarindo road. Call 8523-3649 or 8812-1100, or Facebook Paula Saenz Salazar. You can also learn more about the sport at

–Ellen Zoe Golden

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