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Arenal Report

With the NFL season in full swing, so too is the boca buffet at the Sunset Grill for the Monday night and Thursday night games, as well as all day Sunday. The huge, widescreen T.V. can be viewed from tables on the deck outside, or if you prefer, gather around the spacious bar where the action is. Master sushi chef Oz is stateside for his annual check-up with the V.A., so sushi lovers around Arenal are hoping for his speedy return. Symptoms of SW (Sushi Withdrawal) rank right up there with crystal meth, heroin, and America’s acknowledged favorite, cocaine, for inducing anti-social behavior. The recommended antidote for SW is equal parts of ginseng and ginger steeped in 2 oz. of sake taken three times daily.

The Tropical Iguana Bar and Grill also offers boca and drink specials for football games, both NFL and World Cup when Costa Rica has a game. The 5-for-3 beer offering during Costa Rica’s game with the U.S. helped assuage the pain of Gringos disappointed by Costa Rica’s victory.

Moya’s Place recently featured an evening of mellow songs by Los Caballeros Sin Caballos. The duo of Ed Yurica on bass guitar and Scott Schillereff (guitar and vocal) evoked memories that swept the tapestry of Time from the 1930’s forward. Their performance culminated in a brilliantly artistic blending of continuous onscreen images of Vincent Van Gogh’s great masterpieces with the haunting melody of “Starry, Starry Night” sung gently and with great feeling by Scott. At the end, in the darkened room, the mesmerized crowd remained silent for a few breathless seconds before erupting in a crescendo of applause in appreciation for the magic of the moment.

October 2 marked the 78th birthday of legendary Arenal Pioneer John Nicholas. He and wife Cathy were one of only six Gringo families around the lake when they opened their B+B (Chalet Nicholas). There were no phones and no paved roads back then, so every evening a sequence of calls on CB radios was made to ensure that everyone was O.K. Once a week they would meet for breakfast at Hotel Mary in Tilarán to swap stories and catch up on what was happening. John’s birthday party is scheduled for Oct. 27 to start at 4 p.m. at Natalie and Pascuale’s baronial mansion. Call to let Natalie know if you’ll be there.

-William & Jean Priest

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