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Arenal Report

Each Thursday morning in Nuevo Arenal there is a gathering of Gringos at Berta’s restaurant, Las Delicias at 8 a.m. for “ The Gringo Breakfast.” It is open to anyone, Gringo and Tico alike, and provides an opportunity to catch up on what’s happening with everybody around town. Usually 20-30 folks attend, but increasing numbers of visitors, mostly people interested in what the area has to offer for retirement, have been dropping by. What delights the resident Gringo crowd the most is the question, “What is there to do around here for retired folks?” This inquiry triggers such an avalanche of options that a printed handout is being considered. It’s amusing to watch the wide eyed look of amazement on the faces of people who, if they’re taking notes can hardly write fast enough.

The best advice is saved for last and that is to buy the latest edition of “Living Abroad  in Costa Rica” or a book similarly designed to provide information about the myriad details involved in living a country with different cultural heritage, language, and laws, etc. It’s too complex to get it all in at a single breakfast meeting, but a few people still are inclined to make decisions especially about purchasing property without taking time to become informed. The allure of Costa Rica’s “pura vida” must be tempered with reality.

The Volcano Brewing Company, a microbrewery at the Tilawa Hotel has a new name: The Lake Arenal Brewing Company. The same owner and same brewmeister will continue to provide one of the best tasting brews available in Costa Rica. Chef Marco of Café Macadamia will be in charge of the restaurant at Tilawa. Its new name has yet to be determined, but people familiar with Marco’s culinary capabilities will be delighted.

The Arenal Garden Club visited Guia’s farm located on the Guatuso Road on Oct. 7at 2 p.m. His knack for integrating agriculture with animal husbandry is well known and enables him to live virtually independent of commercial markets. The local Bridge Club is also active and continues to meet at Tropical Iguana Bar and Grill every Wednesday at 1 p.m.  Experienced players and beginners are always welcome.

-William & Jean Priest

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