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Arenal Report

At the time of writing, traffic is still diverted onto gravel roads around the massive washout along the lake road 3 kilometeres east of Nuevo Arenal. Heavy equipment and trucks are busy daily with repairs and word has it that soon a single lane will open for light vehicles. It is planned that heavy trucks and buses will continue to use the established detour route for approximately two more months.

In spite of the “grand canyon” directly in front, Gingerbread restaurant remains open and had a hopping night of live folk rock music with group Caballeros sin Caballos on Saturday, July 27.  Special guest Jack Cash (visiting from Boston) added exquisite percussion.  There was a full house and brisk trade in delicious food and drink.  If you have not been to Gingerbread, you can call 2694-0039 to make reservations for a culinary adventure at Eyal’s.

Beer drinkers around the lake will be happy to know that your local microbrewery is NOT closing. Despite reports to the contrary, The Volcano Brew Pub will continue to operate and brew the same beers using the same ingredients after the current administration ends their lease at the end of August.  Drop in after Sept. 1 to enjoy your favorite local brew with a new name yet to be announced.  Any questions should be directed to Jean Paul at 2695-5788.

-Janet Bradshaw

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