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U.S. donates bomb-sniffing dog to Costa Rican penitentiary

The U.S. Embassy in San José donated a dog trained to detect weapons and bombs that will be in charge of checking every object and person entering the maximum-security prison La Reforma, the largest in Costa Rica.

Ámbar is the first bomb-detecting dog owned by the Penitenciary Police and is worth $ 5,900. The new K9 officer will join five drug-sniffing dogs currently working at La Reforma, located in the province of Alajuela, north of the capital.

The 9-month-old Belgian shepherd arrived from Guatemala on Monday, and Justice Ministry plans for her include initiating a breeding program.

The U.S. government provided training in Guatemala for two La Reforma officers who will handle the dog.

The embassy also donated a sound system that will be used for announcing the entry of visitors to La Reforma.

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