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Arenal Report

Based on the overall movement of the house and the degree of swing to the hanging lamps, the second earthquake of June 2013 felt in the Arenal Area exceeded 4.0 on the Richter Scale. It was biphasic, but short, lasting only 16 seconds. As yet, no word of increased activity in Volcan Arenal. Some new steam vents have opened this year, but none of the spectacular nighttime lava flows so beloved by the Tourism Ministry and local businesses. With the increase in seismic activity, we may again view one of  Nature’s most awesome displays of power.

The June meeting of Ladies of the Lake, hosted by Ruth Fountaine, focused on the initial planning for this year’s Christmas Bazaar. It will be held at the Feria location at Five Corners on December 8 instead of the Plaza del Café as in years past. Kudos to the Imperial Brewing Company of Costa Rica for donating 25 tents to the event.

One of the more important phrases in Spanish that visitors should learn here is, “ Dos Imperiales, por favor.”

It’s never too early to offer prayers for good weather. Last year the weather was perfect and attendance was great. Proceeds from the Bazaar provide much of the funding for the community projects supported by Ladies of the Lake. The next meeting of LOL will be Thursday, July 18 at 11:30 a.m. Call Rene Aoki for location of the meeting: 8388-3891.

Hopes for an asphalt surface to the road from Nuevo Arenal to Guatuso have succumbed to budgetary restrictions. However, the improvements as completed have cut the travel time over the 25 kilometers in half. Thanks to Conavi, Mopt and the Transportation Ministry for a job well done.

-William & Jean Priest

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