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Arenal Report

Red Alert:  Tomorrow, April 27, from 4-8 p.m., Rock River Lodge will host another dance party but with an interesting twist. In addition to the music, dancing and Donato’s master pizzas from his genuine Italian pizza oven, an open invitation has been issued to share a favorite poem, short story, haiku, limerick, sonnet, etc., at an open mic session. Your selections do not need to be original, just favorites. Arenal’s illustrious David Butterfield, the only known stowaway on the Ark, and wise in the ways of the world, will start the evening by reading one of his favorite poems. If you wish to do a reading, contact Michele Glenn at  Please bring your own libations and utensils.

The second wave of Led-2-Serv volunteers arrived in Nuevo Arenal last week. Vanessa Puleo and her staff coordinated projects with Jeff Spencer for 11 students from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. In addition to refurbishing more of the seating at the bullring/communal, the group painted all of the concrete benches, team dugouts and goals of the soccer field. A welcome result of Led-2-Serv’s frequent visits to Nuevo Arenal is an increasing participation by Ticos in helping to finish projects unable to be completed by the groups before having to return home. Two professors from a university in Georgia interested in developing a service learning program accompanied these volunteers. The possibility of establishing a local satellite field office is under consideration.

The next meeting of the Arenal Garden Club is scheduled for Wednesday, May 8 at 1 p.m. at Ann Truhlar’s home in Las Flores- casa #26. The visit to Coco Bolo Tree Farm has had to be rescheduled-date and time to be determined.

Thanks to Michele Glenn and Jeff Spencer for providing information for this report.

–William & Jean Priest

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