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Arenal Report

The Arenal Christian Community Church celebrated its seventh birthday Sunday. It is the only church in the area offering separate services in Spanish and English. A large gathering of Ticos and Gringos enjoyed a delicious típico breakfast, followed by an afternoon of fun activities for the children, including a piñata full of goodies. Congratulations to Pastor John Bradley and his wife, Lyn, and to Pastor Bañero and his wife, Flory, for their dedication to the church and its growing congregations.

American football has been put to rest for another season. The prognosticating pundits, most of whom assured everyone that the 49ers would win easily, ended up with muchos huevos on their faces as the Baltimore Ravens took care of business.

Interestingly, the boisterous crowds at the Sunset Grill and Iguana’s Tropical Bar and Grill definitely supported the underdog Ravens. The noise evoked by the 105-yard kickoff return that started the third quarter likely was heard in Tilarán and Guatuso. The extended delay of the game caused by the failure of the stadium lights in no way diminished the enthusiasm of the fans who packed both locations. Great food and drink specials plus football pools combined to provide an enjoyable, if raucous, night of entertainment.

Judy Reisman has organized two spay/neuter clinics this month. The first one is scheduled in Sabalito on Saturday, Feb. 23, and the second will be in Tilarán on Sunday, Feb. 24, at the ATRA bullring. Appointments may be made by calling 2695-6652. Judy’s home phone answering message is in Spanish, so wait for it to finish before leaving your message. Appointments also may be made by email at

The cost per animal is $20. Everyone with a dog or cat should take advantage of this opportunity to help control the population of homeless animals. Sponsorships of stray dogs and cats are encouraged and very welcome. Judy says her cell phone has limited reception, but you can try at 8812-0956.

Late entry: For our friends from New Zealand, we hope you enjoyed a happy Waitangi Day on Feb. 6. It’s that country’s equivalent to July 4th in the U.S. and Costa Rica’s Sept. 15.

–William & Jean Priest

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