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Arenal Report

A series of break-ins and robberies has occurred in the Arenal area and continues unabated. 

The thieves are targeting the homes of Ticos as well as Gringos. These are not just “targets of opportunity,” as the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) labels theft of objects left out in the open such as bicycles and tools, etc. These robberies involve forceful entry of homes and bodegas. The most recent report involved breaking steel-reinforced rods out of concrete to remove hinges and locks from a bodega door. A chapeadora (weedwacker) worth $600 was stolen. 

The Parcelas elementary school in Barrio San Antonio was stripped of virtually everything, including the pots, pans, eating utensils and electric appliances in the kitchen.

Kudos to Moya’s restaurant for hosting a party with live music and great food as a fundraiser to replace the items stolen from Parcelas school.

Although OIJ is working on these cases, watching friends and neighbors be victimized has been extremely disheartening. We hope the perpetrators are soon brought to justice.

On a happier note, Jeff Spencer reports that an indoor soccer league is being developed with the youngsters of the Arenal area. Teams will be formed using a draft format to distribute talent evenly. Anyone interested in participating may contact Jeff at 8991-7651.

–William & Jean Priest

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