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The panic sweeping the U.S. over the current flu epidemic is primarily due to one thing – stupid-ignorance – obviously a combination of stupidity and ignorance.

Here are some examples: “ I’m young and healthy, I don’t need a flu shot.” “ I’ve been too busy.” “If I get a flu shot, my children will catch the flu from me.” “My sister who lives in Dale Hollow, Arkansas, knows somebody in Squirrel Valley, Tennessee, whose cousin from Jackson’s Still, West Virginia, got a flu shot and ain’t been right since. No sirree, no flu shot for me.” “We ain’t had no flu here in Chickisaw since that swine thing took Myrtice Johnson, and folks here believe that doctor got it wrong since Myrtice didn’t raise no pigs.” “I got a flu shot last year, and they last for 2-3 years.” Best of all: “The flu isn’t so bad. I can handle it.”

In 1918, influenza killed more than one million people in the U.S. There was no flu vaccine then, and the virus was deadlier than the current strain, which so far has had a very low death rate. Let’s hope it stays that way. If you haven’t had a flu shot, get one as soon as possible. Don’t let your excuse become your epitaph.

On a lighter note, the Ladies of the Lake held their first meeting of 2013 at the home of Christina Glass, and the attendance was high. The agenda included the group’s mission statement of service and plans for the coming year. Ladies of the Lake are well known for their culinary skills and the buffet luncheon was delightful. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb., 21, location to be announced.

–William & Jean Priest

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