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Arenal Report

The November meeting of the Arenal Gardeners, held at Jeff and Allison Spencer’s home, provided a comprehensive seminar on the Black Gold of organic fertilizers- namely, worm castings (you know, poo). Jeff demonstrated the proper construction and maintenance of a worm farm.

He also provided a syllabus describing the multiple applications and benefits of worm castings as an all-around non-toxic fertilizer that is safe to use on vegetable gardens and around pets and children (should they ingest it by accident). Diluted with water, it may be applied directly to plants as a foliar or used in solid form for planting seeds.

As expected, worms go forth and multiply, so as the population of your worm farm increases, consider giving some to friends. They make excellent Christmas gifts, especially when accompanied by Xiphong Lee’s Taiwanese cookbook titled (roughly translated) “Worms, the Heavenly Happy Food.” Note: There will be a special event at Patricia Brennis’s home on Dec. 17. Contact Victoria Torley at 8718-0480 for details.

Kudos to Gloria Dempsey for organizing a successful spay/neuter clinic Nov. 30. The new venue at John and Meilin’s home in Nuevo Arenal proved far more comfortable in all respects than the local bullring. It was a long day for veterinarian Dr. Mario and his assistant Carlos, who performed 17 spays and one neutering.

Many thanks to volunteers Dawn Toley, Mickey Walters (and daughter), Denice and Rob Key, and Myrna Kastner for their tireless work getting animals ready for surgery and during the recovery. Thanks to Gloria Dempsey for her help in writing this report.

–William & Jean Priest

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