San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Tamarindo Talk

SDI Legal, which was previously located in Villareal, has moved to Tamarindo. This firm, which works with ASADAS and other non-profit organizations, employs English-speaking attorneys. For the exact location and other information, call 2653-9321 or visit

Rumor has it that the desolate Garden Plaza shopping center surrounding the Automercado and Scotia Bank is going to be revived. Apparently, 16 new stores are planned, as well as a Middle-Eastern restaurant called Gazebo and a fully-equipped gymnasium. It will offer locals membership for $10. Keep an eye out for these changes when you hit the supermarket. It would be a good idea to patronize the new shops, so they don’t end up like the previous tenants.

Surfers looking for a new surfboard should check out Cheboards, a just opened factory located on the road from Villareal to Huacas, 100 meters south of the Best Western. The shop offers a variety of surfboards as well as repairs. In town, you also can find a selection of Cheboards at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.

Steve and Lisa Quinn, owners of El Pescador, invite you to Wednesday night BBQ at their restaurant, located right on the beach past the circle. Every night, Chef Luis Briceno prepares food right on the beach. Call 2653-2523 or 2653-1001, or visit the website at 

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