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Vehicle inspection could cost up to three times more next year



Vehicle Current Proposed
Cars/Cargo $19.85 $51
Taxis $21.42 $55.08
Motorcycle $13.08 $33.62

Riteve, the Spanish-Costa Rican company in charge of mandatory vehicle inspections, requested an increase of 157 percent for 2013.

In a release, the company explained that their rate has not change in eight years. The last increase was approved in 2004.

If approved, regular cars and cargo trucks would have to pay ₡25,529 ($51), ₡15,599 ($31) more than they pay now. The current tariff for these vehicles is ₡9,930 ($20).

Taxi and bus owners will be the most affected, since they must pass the vehicle inspection twice a year.

The increase request was filed before the Public Services Regulatory Authority on November 19, and is currently under consideration.

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