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Arenal report

It is a pleasure to announce the opening of the Iguana’s Tropical Bar and Grill in El Centro Nuevo Arenal. Known previously as Rumors Bar, Iguana’s interior renovation includes tropical wall murals, three widescreen TVs for sports fans, free Wi-Fi,  comfortable couches, a few overstuffed chairs with tables for two, plus traditional four-tops. There’s also a covered outdoor veranda for diners who wish to observe the hustle and bustle of the small but interesting town of Nuevo Arenal.

Successful restaurateur Tom Carter provided training for the staff in everything from food preparation and service to the development of a new menu, with the most expensive item costing only $15. The new owners and staff are Ticas, one of whom partnered with all-around good guy Mike Neal, whose primary interest is the success of the Ticas. Mike also enforces the new anti-smoking law for restaurants, including the veranda where food is served. The Iguana’s Tropical Bar and Grill is a welcome addition to Nuevo Arenal’s business community.

The next meeting of the Arenal Gardeners is Monday, Dec. 3, at Jeff and Allison Spencer’s home.

–William & Jean Priest

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