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Flamingo/Potrero News

The Happy Snapper hosted the NFL kickoff game of the season, New York vs. Dallas on their big-screen TV Sept 5. Specials on meals and drinks were provided.

Ruta La Paz is back with its third edition. Grab your running shoes and bring the whole family to join us for a breathtaking run on the beach followed by music at sunset. Ruta La Paz III is a perfect opportunity for participants of all ages and skill levels to come together in the name of healthy sport, while raising funds for scholarships at La Paz Community School. See you on Nov. 10. More info to follow.

The aftermath of the 7.6-magnitude earthquake, which occurred on Wednesday, Sept. 5, at 8:42 a.m., has everyone on edge, wondering when the next big one will strike. La Paz Community School had very little damage compared to the Country Day School (CDS), whose classroom ceilings came down.

La Paz was opened the next day and CDS was closed for the remainder of the week for repairs, but classes started back on Monday, Sept. 9, as scheduled. Many local businesses suffered damage but none had to close down. 

The Public Works and Transport Ministry made a declaration, unbeknownst to many, to take down all public or business signage not on private property. This action started on Sept. 11, and no matter what size the signs were, they were cut down and tossed in the back of the truck, to the dismay of many who knew nothing about this.

Many locals were contacted by phone when the news spread, so they would have time to save their signs. Signs are expensive, and to have them removed without notice was problematic.

–Babe Hopkins

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