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Katja from the McKee Foundation reports that July began with two very generous donations that have aided in rescue and adoption programs. Leo Hogan brought many different meds, all of which were donated to McKee by her friends from Irvine Animal Care Center in California: Dr. Karen Moreland, Emma Cusack and Mila Rihter.

After that, Dr. Karen Bolt and Kristen Hascall, a young vet student, came to visit and brought donations from Dr. Littlehale and his staff at Santa Clara Pet Hospital in California. McKee has been distributing the supplies to local vet clinics and other associations that support animal organizations in Costa Rica. Kristen also organized a fundraiser at home in California, and brought a cash donation.

McKee gives special thanks to their monthly sponsors: Linda Look, Stuart Welch, Liz from Taco Bar, Leo Plumley, Hotel Mar de Luz, Cathi Brennan, Wishbone Restaurant, Paola Alvarado, Hotel Los Ranchos, and Gabriela Contreras. Additional thanks go to the following contributors for their support in July: Henry and Eugenia Balke, Fundación Natz de la India, ANPA Costa Rica, Pets y Más,, Economedica Internacional, Cheryl Kern, Dr. Karen Bolt, Pat Hundley, SEANDA S.A. – Daniel Madrigal, Fiorella Pugliese, Olga Ureña, Lori Shaffer, Darien Zuñiga, Joy Flunch, Sha Rojas, Valerie Hopson, Marco Rodríguez – Laboratorio Clínica Jacó, Annie Forget, Judy Witt, The Bartholomew Family, Kristy Stockwell, Donna Nicholson, Miriam Baird, Mimi Arandjelovic, Galería Murillo, Cheryl Kern, Dennis Ward – Capitán of “Never say never,” Julie Textor, Discovery Horsetours, Kelly Limehouse, Bridget Hatch, Douglas Giampapa, Marcia Briceño, Sue Bartholomew, Enid Alejandra Retana, Mary Stompe, M’s Fashion Store, Family of Bubba Hallstrom – (in memory of Bubba), Lighthouse Rescue Faro Rescate Animal, Nancy Lebo, Ghogha Amon, Dr. Littlehale and Santa Clara Pet Hospital, Kevin and Linda Haynes, Sandy and Pat Hascall, Nancy Newlin, Lauren Jones, Maggie Christensen, Tina Wallace, Bruce Carl Ertmann, Lic. Alba Sofia – CR Legal Group, Lili and Till from Hotel Tortuga del Mar, Marga Hanks, Apartamentos Iguanas and Lois and Robert Newman.

To help with their projects, please contact Katja at

–Christina Truitt

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