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Arenal Report

The home of a very kind and energetic Gringa who recently retired to Nuevo Arenal has been burglarized. 

The Gringa is applying to obtain her residency as a pensionado, and she attends weekly Spanish lessons to learn the language, history and customs of her new home country. She hired an excellent Tico builder to construct her modest home, providing employment for a number of Ticos.

She also employs two Costa Ricans on a regular basis to help her with gardening and maintaining her home. She has, on several occasions, loaned the sewing machine she brought with her to several of her Tico neighbors. She is involved in community projects.

She bought a car. In short, her presence in Costa Rica has been a benefit to the country, and especially to the costarricenses of Nuevo Arenal. 

Unfortunately, her trusting nature led her to loan the key to her home to some of the local folks who worked for her and with whom she had developed friendships. She often invited them to lunch or dinner.

Soon after, her sewing machine, a Kindle, and an iPod all disappeared. There was no sign of forced entry, and the thief actually locked the door on the way out. Lesson learned: Never loan the key to your home to anyone. The Gringa is sadder but wiser now.

Each month she puts a little money aside from her Social Security check into an intruder alarm system fund. She says she won’t replace her sewing machine, iPod or Kindle until she buys the system. 

On a lighter note, additional spay/neuter clinics have been scheduled for Nuevo Arenal on Thursday, Aug. 30 and Saturday, Sept. 1. The cost is ₡7,000 ($14) per animal. To schedule an appointment, call Gino, owner of a feed store in Arenal next to the police station, at 2694-4621.

Note: Due to the huge response to these clinics, only pets belonging to Ticos are eligible for treatment. Sponsorships for this important community activity are appreciated.

–William & Jean Priest

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