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San Ramón en Acción

On Saturday, Aug. 18, the Community Action Alliance of Costa Rica will conduct a job fair with IBM Costa Rica at the UCR Regional Museum in Central San Ramón from 8 a.m.-noon. IBM is looking for qualified professionals with IT and service-oriented skills, both Costa Rican and legal residents of Costa Rica.  

IBM will bring a team of recruiters and managers to accept résumés and conduct pre-screening interviews to identify talented professionals and students. Jobs will be based out of the IBM offices in Heredia. IBM is seeking to employ up to 1,000 professionals by 2014 and potentially up to 300 from this job fair. 

It is not common for a multinational company with the global reputation of IBM to hold a job fair outside the Central Valley, and the Community Action Alliance is thrilled to support this opportunity for the residents of San Ramón and the Occidente. Approximately 6,000 people commute from the San Ramón area to the Central Valley.

Apply online at in advance or at the job fair.  For more info, visit

–Mike Styles

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