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The South Caribbean community would like to thank Evi, Monica, Shiloh and Adriana, José, Heriberto and Antonio for cleaning up the base of Margarita Road in Cocles. What has long since served as an eyesore and community health hazard is now a gorgeous garden, prepared, cleaned, designed and planted with love. Neighbors, please bring your trash in large, tied bags on Mondays, once a week. Let’s keep this area clean.

This newest cleanup effort comes as part of a wave of community initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle more effectively. Many local businesses (Punta Uva Pulpería, ATEC, Tasty Waves Cantina) cut down on waste by offering purified water refills. Jungle Love and Bread & Chocolate have also stopped selling bottled water at their restaurants.

The Echo Books community in Cocles tore down its pre-existing trash bin to replace it with something more structurally sound and attractive. Volunteers in Playa Negra installed recycling bins along the road in June. These measures improve the area for everyone.

On Saturday, Aug. 4, OM’s monthly SurfAsana takes place from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Drop off and pick up is at OM beside Cabinas El Tesoro in Cocles; parents, please arrive on time. The program includes yoga and surf free for children aged 5-13. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteers are welcome. Send your children with sunblock, lunch and their own surf or boogie boards. OM provides snacks, juice, water and some equipment. Be prepared for yoga, beach games, surfing and fun.

Also this weekend at the Centro de Cultura, join the regular salsa classes. Every Saturday and Sunday starting at 6 p.m., tunes will blast from down Main Street.  The class costs ₡1,000 ($2) per hour. Come sizzle with the salsa beats. Wear comfortable clothes, and bring water and maybe a sweat towel.

-Kristin Gilbert Ramirez 

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