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If you are looking to pick up a few odds and ends, scope out this weekend’s garage sale, organized by Esther Mustad. Taking place tomorrow and Sunday, it will be located in the central commercial building right next to Super 2001.

Chef Derek Furlania started a new delivery service, TicoToGo, that brings food from local restaurants to your home or work. The service picks up from Gil’s Place, Doña Lee’s Country Kitchen, Kahiki, Falafal Bar, Bamboo Sushi Club and more in the Playa Langosta and Tamarindo and delivers in the same areas.

Fliers around town will include an updated list of restaurants every three months. For more, call or text 8648-6192. The charge is $5 for delivery. Restaurants looking to use the service can call or email or visit the website:

Doña Lee has a successful restaurant right near the Tamarindo Gym that serves dinner, and now she has opened another spot. Russell’s Bar and Grill is named after her husband, and it is located in the old Carolina’s across from the Tamarindo Resort on the road to Langosta. She serves breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. and there is air-conditioning. 

Hot sauce is a hot item around here. Royce Mitchell and Debbie Palacios, owners of the local Cevichería Ricante, make a special hot sauce called Ricante. The sauce has become so popular that they have opened a manufacturing plant in San José to accommodate the demand. They make the sauce with locally grown ingredients, including Fortuna farm-grown chilies. The couple also uses recycled materials for the packaging. Read the whole story at

–Ellen Zoe Golden

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