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Jacó Happenings

Back by popular demand, the family-owned restaurant Lemonzest is open Sunday nights with an all-Italian Menu. For reservations, call 2643-2591 or come in Sunday from 5:30-9 p.m. The new Bonzai Comida China opened on Calle Ancha across from the Costa Rican Water and Sewer Institute building. You can dine in, take-out or get delivery.

For more info, call 8693-9016. Check out Lorena Vera’s new store in the El Barco Commercial Center next to Banco Nacional. Called Camelo, the store features custom bathing suits, yoga and beach wear. For more info, visit

Thomas Ghormley from Centruy 21 has announced that the ever-popular Los Pibes Pizza in Jacó Beach has reopened. Los Pibes now has a convenient downtown location on Ave Pastor Diaz next to Century 21, and offers hot pizza with thick and crispy crust and lots of sauce, starting at ₡6,000 ($12). Argentine empanadas cost ₡1,000 ($2) for take out and home delivery and are available even in the wee hours.

Not only is there patio dining, but also an air-conditioned dining room next door to the public library. The dining room features walls adorned with historic headlines, framed Life Magazine covers from the ‘50s, old magazine ads from the ‘60s and historic front pages of The New York Times and other newspapers worldwide. A free Coke goes to the patron who spots the oldest cover. For more info or delivery, call 2643-1146.

Also, the once famous Soda La Central is coming back to life. Remember those great casados after dancing all night? They’re back. Soda La Central is bigger and brighter and right downtown, just 50 meters toward the ocean from the Más x Menos on Calle La Central. Enjoy a casado buffet for only ₡2,000 ($4) with a variety of meats, veggies and salads; a drink is also included. The restaurant is open daily and offers early breakfast on weekends and BBQ cookouts on Saturday. Look for the girls handing out two-for-one coupons when you get off the bus. Inside or patio dining is just half a block from the beach. 

Last month, the McKee Foundation welcomed Dr. Ellen Gray and Dr. Kyle Farrell, two young veterinarians who came down here to help out wherever they were needed. Two spay days were combined at the Plaza Boulevard Clinic. Kyle and Ellen also brought us a lot of very needed meds, all donated by Shari Lindburg from Lloyd Inc. and Mandy Vinay from a clinic in Florida. The vets stayed in a beachfront condo in Jacó, which owner Stuart Welch provided for free.

Dr. José Manuel Jiménez, Dr. Wendy Villalobos and Dr. Yessenia Alpizar also helped McKee to spay and neuter 68 animals, all of which came from the poor areas in Tarcoles, Jacó and Herradura. Additionally, McKee continues its education program, Sharing the World With the Animals.

It includes 10 weekly presentations at Escuela Central de Jacó for 750 students, and one weekly activity with the children from the little Escuela Las Monas with 32 students. This past month, Angela María Lozano concentrated on the very important subject of animal rights. Thanks to school principal Vera Virginia and all the other teachers for their support and cooperation. And of course, thanks to Linda Look from the U.S. for sponsoring this important and innovative program.

Lastly, the Golden Paw Award was awarded to Cynthia Orozco from Jacó for her constant, loving care of animals. Special thanks goes to the following sponsors: Linda Look, Stuart Welch, Liz from Taco Bar, Leo Plumley, Hotel Mar de Luz, Cathi Brennan, Wishbone Restaurant, Paola Alvarado, Hotel Los Ranchos and Gabriela Contreras for their regular monthly support.

Thanks also to the Bartholomew family, Crystal Curry, Rachael Rudd, Heidi Copley, Barbara and Ardon Schambers, Dennis Ward (Capitan of “Never say never”), Susie Wardle, Jan Tilson and Greg Bertrand, Hotel Vista Pacifico, Engelberth Triana, Dr. Ellen Gray, Dr. Kyle Farrell, Mandy Vinay, Shari Lindburg, LLOYD INC., Rita and Steve DeVore, Casa Bella Rita, Lilly and Till, Hotel Tortuga del Mar, Rubi and Tim Olson, Judy Witt, Sylvia van Baekel, Krystel Byers Silverstein, Lisa and Hugo Camilieri, Hotel El Jardín, Calypso Tours, Importadora Monge Jacó, Canopy Vista Los Suenos, Discovery Horse Tours, Café del Mar, DayStar, Anna Pilz and Hotel Marriott.

For more information about the McKee Foundation, contact Katja Bader at 2643-4012 or visit

Jennifer Sullivan is a certified Tao Universal Instructor and Chi Nei Tsang, and she will be offering a certification course at Hotel Docelunas August 10-12 from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. The course is $300. For more info or to sign up, contact her at 8567-6053 or 8302-0609.

Asdrubal Solano will be holding his three-hour spinning class on Saturday, July 21, at 10 a.m. For more info or to sign up, contact Platinum Gym at 2643-2731.

The next meeting of the Central Pacific Women’s Group will be held on Wednesday, July 18, from 9-11 a.m. at Hotel Cocal. There, José Alberto Villalobos will lead a discussion on the astronomical phenomena of 2012 and the Maya perspective.

Lastly, for those who have not noticed: Bohio Street has been one-way for a while. If you want to visit the oceanfront next to Bohio, turn down the side street right after the bridge next to Super Las Olas.

–Christina Truitt

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