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Arenal Report

After arriving in Nuevo Arenal Saturday night, members of the service mission Led-2-Serve (directed by Vanessa Puleo) briefly rested before launching into pre-planned projects. The action started with a children’s program at the Arenal Community Church Sunday morning. Forty-five children enjoyed music, crafts and a puppet show of Bible stories, followed by a bountiful lunch of típico food prepared by the church ladies.

The group split up Monday under the direction of local coordinators Jeff and Allison Spencer. Members installed 600 meters of new barbed-wire fencing at Asentamiento de Arenal school. Parents at the school worked with Led-2-Serve on the project.

Pastor John Bradley and his wife, Lyn, assisted by Sandy Nipper, took a group into the back country around Tenorio volcano and to schools in Aguas Caliente and Paraiso to share music, crafts and the Biblical puppet show. The children were delighted.

A third group began a major effort to clean and paint a multi-story home located on the road to Parcelas. The property, abandoned after foreclosure, is being converted into a safe house for abused women. Maria Fejervary is working with several government agencies to get the program underway.

Work by Led-2-Serve also included construction alterations to bring buildings into compliance with the requirements of Costa Rica’s Law of Equal Opportunities. The safehouse required the participation of an initial group of sixteen Led-2-Serve volunteers, and then 30 more arrived later.

 A heartfelt thanks to Rick, Lucee, Ciera and Ryanna Price, Maria and Tyler Hibbard, Ann Sanders, Brenda Davison, Keith, Debbie, Benjamin and Abigail Longstaff, Jeff and Becky Juniet and Jacqueline Hurley.

–William & Jean Priest

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