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Tamarindo Talk

Every Friday, at a different bar in town, there have been and will be auditions for The Michael Jackson Project. This venture, put together by Christian de la Cruz from Le Beach Club, is looking for people 14 and up who can do interpretations of Michael Jackson’s moves.

Those chosen will work with María José Mateluna, an actress and ballerina and the choreographer of the program. The Michael Jackson spectacular, featuring these dancers, will be put on Dec. 21-23 in the building constructed in the parking lot next to Plaza Tamarindo. For more information, go to the Facebook page for The Michael Jackson Project.

DJ Mauricio, aka Mauricio de Sostoa, entertains the crowds at El Garito each week with his electronic music. You can have a set of his music in your own home or on your iPod by downloading a live performance at

–Ellen Zoe Golden

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