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Finding five ticks on your beloved dog in one day is a cause for concern. Finding 50 is a reason to panic. Given my limited experience as a dog owner, I came close to panicking but instead started looking for solutions and knowledge to control the problem and prevent harm to Luna.

The result is an eight-page paper outlining how to rid your dog of ticks. Contact me at the address below for a free copy. I encourage anyone working with pets to distribute it to their mailing lists. Any print or electronic publication is also encouraged and I’m hoping someone will take the time to translate the piece into Spanish to reach more owners.

This was a collective effort. Thanks go first to my friend and neighbor Sandra Philbrick, from whom I’ve learned so much about dogs. Thanks to Mary Beth Ryan, Paul Montgomery, Paul Forest and Dainna Morales, and thanks to Lisa Bradshaw for her knowledge of organic treatments, to Sallyanne Monti and Mickey Neal who have saved sick dogs here and in the U.S., and to my colleague, T. Babe Hopkins, for sharing her very extensive experience.

Thanks to the veterinary offices of Sharinne Chacón as well, and kudos to for being the first to publish the piece. 

–Kent Carthey

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