San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

San Ramón en Acción

To help everyone catch up with goings-on in San Ramón and with the Community Action Alliance, a mixer will be held Friday, June 29 at 10 p.m. at Mario’s Steakhouse.  Attendees can expect to hear updates from the Education, Environment, Economic Development and other standing committees. The list of projects in motion is quite exciting.  For more information, visit  

With both excitement and sadness, we are saying hasta luego to Louise Wittman and Chris Roe as they relocate to Salt Lake City. They’ll be reuniting with good friends and former San Ramón ex-pats, Dave and Arden Brink. Louise, a self-proclaimed “hater of meetings,” has become a driving force behind the highly successful booksale fundraisers that have brought in thousands of dollars for local charities.

She also has been acknowledged as a Community Action Alliance Showcased Volunteer, in part for her work as an English volunteer with ITCR classes for more than three years. Chris has been a rock, always there for support. They are wonderful people and will be missed, particularly by José Esquivel, who will be put up for adoption. Chris and Louise: Thank you for your time, particularly enduring all those meetings, and most importantly, thank you for your friendship.

On Sunday, June 17, 2,000 trees donated by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute in cooperation with the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry and local businesses will be planted on the finca behind Los Leños Restaurant, located on the pista in Santiago (across from the gas station). This event is being coordinated by the San Ramón Carbon Neutral Foundation to help bring the community together to enjoy working to reduce carbon emissions. Everyone is welcome to come celebrate and help plant trees.  For more information:  

–Mike Styles

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