San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Arenal Report

 It’s one thing to explore the rain forest and jungle in daytime, but for seekers of the Big A (adrenaline), try doing it at night. Arenal Ecolodge offers just this sort of adventure. The adrenaline rush comes from not knowing what you will see, or how close your encounter will be.

Ulysses, our Maleku Indian guide well-known for his skills and knowledge of Costa Rican flora and fauna, pointed out a deadly coral snake meandering across our trail. From that moment on, every rustle in the trailside bushes sent shivers up our spines and brought up the hair on the back of our necks.

After we returned from our adventures, Fabiana de Oliveira, owner of Ecolodge, brought us down from our adrenaline high with an assortment of appetizers, pastries and fruit smoothies. For more information, visit

Greiven González, manager of the Hotel de Lago Arenal, has announced that the response to allowing families of local residents use of the hotel swimming pool complex free of charge on weekends has been enormous. As of June 15, he is expanding the offer to make Fridays available to adults only. An excellent selection of bocas and bar specials will be available at nominal cost.

–William & Jean Priest

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