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Guanacaste Province Animal Welfare foundation (G-PAW) is a nonprofit that provides residents in Guanacaste with low-cost animal clinics that spay and neuter. For information on the foundation, visit:

On May 5, G-PAW held a clinic in the Líbano area near Tilarán, which had an excellent turnout of 31 animals in the tiny town of Maravilla, in the Líbano district. Animals also were brought in from Líbano, Solania and the Cerro San José, the other towns in the district. Because most of the residents in the area are low-income (Líbano is the poorest district in the Tilarán canton), G-PAW reduced the cost of surgery from {10,000 ($20) to {5,000 ($10).  

On May 6, 34 animals were neutered, about half of the usual number in Tilarán, presumably because people had a hard time making appointments. In the future, Suzanne Potvin will be the contact person.  

The chairperson of this foundation is Judy Reisman. She was assisted by a bevy of volunteers including Suzanne Potvin, Ed and Leslie Woods, Cindy Carroccio and Rita Pfeifer. Several generous donations came from Ladies of the Lake members. 

G-PAW also has a new project that allows anyone with unneeded or unwanted pet food, medicine, beds, leashes, collars, toys, grooming tools or other supplies to donate them to low-income pet owners. Please email Judy Reisman ( to make a donation. 

In other news, The Sunset Grill in Nuevo Arenal is changing its hours of operation to 3 p.m.-close. There will be no more breakfast, but the restaurant will still serve the full dinner menu all week, featuring Oz’s Sushi Sat.-Tues. 

–Lynn Farris

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