San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

San Ramón en Acción

The Community Action Alliance, working in cooperation with El Museo Regional de San Ramón, recently launched an English conversation club to assist locals in practicing and learning conversational English. Without aggressive marketing we were thrilled (actually amazed!) to have 36 individuals register for the first set of sessions.

The cost is {10,000 ($20) per six-week session, with all proceeds benefiting the Regional Museum and the Community Action Alliance Escuelas Scholarship Program. Our sincere appreciation goes out to the members of the Alliance’s Education Committee, which organized the program and the native English volunteers who will be leading the groups. For more information, please contact Dave Scott at  

The results are in for the Gran Venta de Libros Usados (used book sale) and the numbers speak for themselves: 1,600 people attended, and 80 percent were Costa Rican. Approximately $4,200 was donated, and 7,000 books were collected (half were in Spanish). About 4,000 books were sold, 3,000 of which were in Spanish.

Twenty organizations donated a total of 2,000 books, and 1,000 books were recycled. The numbers do not tell the whole story, though, as this was not just a book sale but a community event that required an incredible amount of work and support from volunteers, local businesses and organizations.  

The two beneficiaries for the book sale are the Regional Museum and the Senior Center. Special thanks to José Esquivel (super star), Louise Wittman, Chris Roe, Andrea Carter and the more than 50 volunteers who spent hundreds of hours organizing books and the event.

We also want to thank SOLRAY Centroamérica, which donated a solar hot-water-heating system to be installed at the Hogar para Ancianos; Editorial Santillana, who donated more than 1,000 new books to be sold at the event; and Mike Murphy and Earl Balance for their generous cash donation.  

The Community Action Alliance will hold a reception during which proceeds from the book sale will be presented and supporters acknowledged. This reception is in lieu of our monthly mixer and will take place on Saturday, May 26, at 10 a.m. at the Hogar para Ancianos. Anyone is welcome to attend, however, we would appreciate an RSVP at  

–Mike Styles

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