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Arenal Report

Lake Arenal Quilters, currently comprised of six extremely talented women, recently completed sewing their 50th quilt. The nimble fingers of Mary Whaley, Allison Spencer, Penny Spingarn, Annie Welch, Janet Bradshaw and Ileana Montrosa have conveyed caring and brought happiness to many in the Arenal area and beyond.

Imagine the heartwarming smiles on the faces of children living in orphanages in La Fortuna and San Carlos who were presented quilts, each with his or her name embroidered on them; or the small school near Guatuso, where 12 indigenous kindergartners each received a soft, warm quilt for naptime. The residents of El Hogar de los Ancianos in Tilarán now rest with beautiful quilts that also serve as lap blankets. The group welcomes anyone interested in quilting. Contact Mary Whaley at 2692-2194.

The children of La Unión elementary school composed and signed a beautiful thank-you letter to everyone who participated in the events and labored to ensure the school would receive computers from the Costa Rican Education Ministry.

Especially timely was the complete rewiring of the school kitchen’s electrical system by Rusty Holzheimer and Brendan Jones. Sands Spencer also contributed his expertise by installing new tile in the kitchen as well.

Greivin González, manager of Hotel de Montaña Lago Arenal, has invited local residents to come and use the beautiful new swimming pool free of charge. It has a waterfall and king-sized Jacuzzi, and a separate pool is creatively designed for children, with its own fountain. The bar and restaurant facilities, which are integrated with the pool complex, are open for refreshments and delicious lunches. For more info, call 2468-8068.

Last call on the spay/neuter clinic being held Sunday, May 20, in Tilarán at the Barrio el Carmen Communal. Cost per animal is {10,000 ($20). Donations and animal sponsorships are gratefully accepted. To schedule appointments, call Judy Reisman at 2695-6652.

–William & Jean Priest

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