San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Costa Rican-born U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan

A Costa Rican-born soldier in the U.S. Army was killed last week in Afghanistan, the Ventura County Star reported.

Staff Sgt. Andrew Britton-Mihalo, from Ventura County, California in the U.S., died in an attack Wednesday by an Afghan soldier who killed a translator and wounded three others on an Army base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The Afghan soldier, who was being mentored by the U.S. Army, also was killed.

Britton-Mihalo, 25, was born in San José, Costa Rica.

The soldier that opened fire was a member of Afghanistan’s elite Special Forces. According to the Ventura County Star, this is the first time an Afghan Special Forces soldier has killed a U.S. military member.

Britton-Mihalo is survived by his wife, Army Sgt. Jesse Britton, who he married in December. He also is survived by his mother and stepfather and three sisters.

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