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In the April issue of The Howler, editor David Mills sums up the recent fire season and brings readers up to date on Costa Rica’s plans for the future of fire control. Though The Howler focuses primarily on the Gold Coast, the similarities and proximity of our two areas make David’s words as valid here as they are in Las Playas over the hill.

David notes that this has been a particularly severe fire season, in part thanks to the record-setting winds that started earlier and lasted longer than usual. Although both Las Playas and the Gold Coast had minimal damage to property and life, the potential was there. David also reported that thanks to a new tax on electric bills, more than two dozen new fire stations are slated to open nationwide. An effort to obtain a government operated helicopter with the necessary firefighting tools is also in progress. There has been no indication of where the helicopter would be based.

For the past two years, fellow Community Connections contributor Babe Hopkins and I have shared our experiences and what we have learned. No doubt others in both our communities as well as those in positions of public and private responsibility have a number of ideas as well. The question is, how can we combine our knowledge and act on it in some form of public/private venture? All of us welcome your thoughts.

Finally, don’t forget that the Annual Lions Club International Food Festival is this Sunday, April 29, at the main beach. This is traditionally one of the most festive events of the year, and a perfect way to kick off the green season. It starts at 11 a.m.

–Kent Carthey

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