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Katja Bader from the McKee Project has shared that her foundation has been working with schools here in Jacó. With more than 750 students in Escuela de Jacó, 62 in Escuela Hacienda and 32 in Escuela Las Monas, McKee has been working with students, teachers and parents on an educational program. The program aims to teach students to share the world with animals, and it also teaches responsibility and respect for all life forms.

Volunteer Angela Maria Lozano Lorza and sponsor Linda Look have made sure this program continues in the schools. Special thanks goes to Carlos Galli for donating three cartoons. 

José Manuel Jiménez, Leo Hogan and Doris Schluckebier were busy in March with spay and neuter programs. Special thanks goes to Kristen Luke, Sarah Olmstead and Laleña Bennett for helping with the project. Sponsors last month were Linda Look, Stuart Welch, Liz from Taco Bar, Leo Plumley, Hotel Mar de Luz, Cathi Brennan, Wishbone Restaurant, Paola Alvarado, Hotel Los Ranchos, Gabriela Contreras Cordero, Licenciada Alba, Silvina Rodgers Goren, Heidi Landon, Crystal Ogden Curry, Marina Imatova, Pam Zanon, Heidi & Brian Copley, Guests at Craig & Meghan Weir wedding, Alejandra Pérez Retana, Carlos Galli, Sybille Dockhorn, Liana Robinson, Shannon Clarke, Betty Dick, Nancy Leonetti, SASY!, Wendy Villalobos and Yessenia Alpizar.

McKee continues to look for other sponsors for the spay and neuter program. If you would like to contribute, please contact Katja via

Also, great news from Punta Leona: The hotel and club is organizing another art festival. It will be held during the weekend of May 18-20. Like last year, the manager of Punta Leona and supporter of the McKee project, Boris Gordienko, has offered McKee a free space at the festival. McKee will be there Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. McKee needs a few bilingual volunteers who would like to be a part of this project. If you would like to help, contact Katja at 2643-4012.

Kathia Ruiz is now handling the sales for InfoJacó and their next edition deadline is coming up. If you want your business to be included in it, contact Kathia. She can be reached at 8896-6537, 8389-8228 or

This weekend, 30 minutes from Jacó, there will be a typical Costa Rican Festival of Bulls with a 4×4 rally in San Antonio de Tulin. For more info, contact Cesar Vargas at 

Two new spots to check out in town: Tragaldbas and the Patio. Each are located on the other side of Century 21 on the main street. Also, don’t miss “Que Zambrote” tonight and tomorrow night at Teatro Jacó. For tickets, call 2630-9812.

–Christina Truitt

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