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The Salvemonos group is known for putting up the monkey bridges. Now it has joined with La Paz school and the Santa Cruz municipality to reforest public parks in Tamarindo and Langosta. They are creating a tree nursery, which will help reforest the native species of the Guanacaste area.

To launch these projects, Salvemonos needs seeds and trees donated. They are also looking for sponsors for the reforested parks to help with maintenance. To help, call Simona Daniella at 2653-0082 or Patricia Sterman at 2653-0395. You can also email  

A group has formed to rescue the honeycomb of bees in local houses or gardens. The intent is to save them from fire and other deterrents that are normally used to remove them. In the process, bees are saved as well. The honey gleaned from the combs is then sold at a low price. This venture is supported by Antonio Pilurzu, Lidia Pirronelli, Mariel Marmorato and Pit Arcieri. To take advantage of this free service, call José at 8669-8708 or 8836-2706.

Looking to improve your golf game? Golf instructor Mikael Auffret is offering 30-minute classes for $25 and the price of the basket of balls, which is $6. Classes take place at Tamarindo Diria Golf Range, next to the Tamarindo Airport. Mikael can be reached at 8706-1566.

Everybody is still waiting for the road to be paved from 27 de Abril to Villareal. Promises, promises, but the road is still in bad shape. Community members in Santa Rosa are also hoping that this will be their year for a road improvement for the street that runs through their town. Right now the buses can’t pass through, and people have to catch the bus at the entrance of town. Mayor Jorge Chavarría said it would be fixed sometime soon.

Del Toro bikinis seem to be the latest trend. Get one off the rack or have one designed for you. Hit the store in Haucas, adjacent at Centro Commercial Arlinka #5.

DJ Matos has been getting around town. Check him out at sunset sessions at Le Beach Club, Monday, Wednesday and Sunday from 4-7 p.m. He’s also working the Tuesday Ladies Night. Additionally, you can always catch him at Aqua on Fridays.

–Ellen Zoe Golden

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