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San Ramón en Acción

It’s on! Our second used book sale fundraiser, “Gran Venta de Libros Usados,” will happen April 28 at the UCR Regional Museum in San Ramón. The event follows on the heels of the success of the first-ever Gran Venta de Libros of the Community Action Alliance, which worked in cooperation with Gringo Central. 

We are aggressively pursuing the collection of both Spanish-language and English-language books.  We have also established children’s books as a priority.  Be creative, folks. Perhaps you have a family member or friend visiting who can bring books, or maybe you know a publisher who is willing to donate books. If you live outside of San Ramón, take the initiative and organize book collection in your own community.  If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Louise Wittman at 

Thanks to all the hard work of José Esquivel and Louise Wittman, the following locations have been established as collection points in San Ramón: Cruz Roja, Aromas (both locations), Bocaditos, Café Delicias and the Regional Museum of San Ramón. You can find a full set of drop-off locations online by visiting 

–Mike Styles

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