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Flamingo / Potrero News

There’s a lot going on at the Lopez Commercial Center. It has rented offices to GM and Associates Law Firm, Seaview Rentals, Sur ByB Color, Pacific Coast Diving and a new restaurant under construction.

A group of dentists and hygienists from all over the U.S. came to offer a free clinic to locals at the Royal Palms Commercial Center in Villa Real. The dentists came to extract and clean, and they also taught people how to take care of their teeth. Volunteers helped with translations, registration and entertainment for the kids – some even held the hands of a crying children and adults. Over three days there were 520 patients seen, and many benefitted from the experience.

The fundraiser for Dawn and Sid’s pet clinic held at La Perla’s started at 10 a.m. with a yard sale. There was a wonderful turnout and a little over $1,400 was collected. The money goes toward the cat and dog neuter/spay clinics, which are held frequently. A recent clinic fixed about 50 dogs and some cats as well. Thank you to all the people who donated; it was a great success.

Many locations celebrated St Patrick’s Day with parties and traditional food. At Marie’s there was live music with Canadian rock-n-rollers, SAB, Brent “The Alien” Bailey, along with Don Carlos and the band.  Happy Snapper also featured live music with Scott “The teacher” from Country Day and Jorge “the Latin.” Other celebrations included those at Flamingo Marina, Don Brasilitos, B&B Potrero, Mariner INN, The Shack, Maxwell’s, El Coconuts, Mar y Sol, Bahia Resort and Flamingo Beach Resort. There was no shortage of places to celebrate.

Beach Community Church will be hosting their 2nd Spring Festival on Saturday, March 31, from 9-11 a.m. at The Village Commercial Center next to Country Day School entrance. There will be lots of fun things to do for the kids including an Easter egg hunt, inflatable funhouses for kids, games, prizes snacks and drinks. Come join the fun!

–Babe Hopkins

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