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Manuel Antonio / Quepos Tidings

Manuel Antonio/

Quepos Tidings 

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) and Kids Saving the Rainforest have teamed up to stop wildlife electrocutions. ICE plans to put a total of four kilometers of insulated electrical wires, plus one kilometer of underground electrical wire, on the main road from Quepos to Manuel Antonio, as well as covering 50 transformers with protectors so that wildlife will not be electrocuted.

Present at a recent meeting between the two organizations were ICE’s Gilberth Porras, Jaime Bolaños, José Ricardo Carvajal, Roxana Masís and Guillermo Costillo, and Kids Saving the Rainforest’s Pia Martin, Rocío Pérez and Jennifer Rice.

The Farmacia Económica, next to Super Más, now has a GNC counter with lots of great vitamins. Speaking of that area, has anyone heard the rumor that a McDonald’s restaurant is going into the building on the corner of Main Street, past Farmacia Económica and Super Más? If you know anything, please contact us so we can let the community know.

–Jennifer Rice

–Anita Myketuk

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