San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Coco Capsule

Fisher-Wienberg, the popular new consignment store 50 meters beyond the large anchor at the entrance to Las Palmas on the Mapache road, is currently featuring and selling the works of three international artists. Canadian-born Coco resident Dareen (Dee) Burk’s artistry primarily focuses on large close-ups of flowers, similar to those she has donated for charity auctions and that have encouraged heated bidding. More recently, she has been focusing on the colorful wildlife of the area, capturing several of our beautiful birds on larger canvases. Her expansive use of color reflects the exuberance of her personality. 

Store co-owner Linia Wienberg, a native of Sweden but now dividing her time between Denmark and Coco, has an abstract, almost dreamy style, with wide swashes of color intermixed as if hiding some puzzle. And there is a puzzle: Within each piece of identically sized canvas, there is, somewhere, a creature familiar to those of us living here. The catch is that the abstractness of the art gives little clue as to that creature’s belonging on land or in the sea or sky, giving the viewer the opportunity to use a full range of imagination while enjoying the art.

The United States is represented with an entirely different medium in the work of Matt Dunn, a young Tampa, Florida, native now living in the area. His expertise in art is with jewelry, particularly stones set into silver, leather or wood or simply strung together. He works in a variety of styles, perhaps reflecting his many athletic interests and providing options for a wide variety of buyers.

Co-owner Sue Fisher said the store has done well since opening. She is maintaining a list of those in need of specific objects so as to contact them when those objects are brought in. This clean, well-lit store is a welcome addition to our community.

–Kent Carthey

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