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San Ramón en Acción

A healthy and happy 2012 to all! We’d like to start this year by acknowledging those who contributed to making the 2011 holiday season so special:

–San Ramón Mayor Mercedes Moya, Vice Mayor Nixon Ureña and supporters created a new annual holiday tradition that will brighten our holiday seasons for years to come: the very successful San Ramón Family Christmas Festival. 

–Jorge Araya, the newly formed San Ramón Carbon Neutral Foundation, and the San Ramón Chamber of Commerce and Industry secured a $25,000 grant from the German Embassy to help fund San Ramón’s carbon-neutral initiative. 

–Special thanks to Jeremy Davis and Elias Artavia for coordinating the donation of several instruments, including a bassoon, a saxophone and a trombone, to local schools.

–Checks of proceeds from November’s Book Sale were presented by Community Action Alliance member Marco Ramírez of Coopenae to both the Dogland Animal Rescue Center and the San Ramón Red Cross during the December Holiday Mixer at the UCR Regional Museum. 

–San Ramón newcomers John and Caryl Buford collaborated with several talented local musicians to bring the first performance of TubaChristmas to San Ramón, in a harmonious example of how foreigners and locals can work (and play) together. 

We can hardly wait to see what happens in 2012.

–Mike Styles

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