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San Ramón en Acción

In an official notification dated Oct. 24 from the secretary general of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica, we received the news that a fast-track court has been approved for San Ramón. A tribunal de flagrancia is a judicial process that involves holding criminal suspects and having them appear before a judge within days after their detention. In other words, it should help reduce the number of “catch-and-release” cases. While several more steps will be involved in setting up the fast-track court in San Ramón, kudos are due to Martha Zamora and Jessica Acosta, who took the lead in organizing the effort to get approval for the court, and to all those who participated in the peace marches and signed the petition requesting the court. 

Best wishes to Kathy Bell and Alan Merson as they begin the next chapter of their great adventure in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kathy and Alan were active participants in the community and will be missed. Kathy was largely responsible for the creation of Gringo Central and helped coordinate many fantastic events, activities and communication within the expat community in San Ramón. A special nod to Annie Burman, who will be filling Kathy’s zapatos. For more information on Gringo Central events, visit

Don’t forget the first annual Book Sale benefiting Dogland and the Red Cross, tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the San Ramón Regional Museum. 

–Mike Styles

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