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Tamarindo Talk

Tonight at 5 p.m., the Christian Surfers are having a special benefit dinner for the Oneida children’s park and skate park. The event will feature traditional Costa Rican food and music and will take place at the group’s headquarters above VIP Video at the entrance to Tamarindo. Participation in the fundraiser costs ₡3,000 ($6).

Construction of the Claro tower next to Casa Aigua has prompted the formation of a support group of people who feel threatened by cell towers and want to work together to improve the situation for Tamarindo. They are organizing a boycott of Claro and demand the Casa Aigua tower be moved to a nonresidential area, claiming it was built illegally. The support group will meet once a month. Its credo is to “look out for the future of Tamarindo, try to protect residential areas from cell towers in other parts of Tamarindo like Langosta, and attract people with positive energy to help.”

Voodoo Lounge has a lot going on, with blues on Monday evening, ladies’ night on Tuesday and a “Conga-Tronica Session” Saturday. El Coconut reopened Oct. 14 after closing for part of the low season. And be sure to go by the new Wok ’n’ Roll, which has been rebuilt after last year’s terrible fire. The new place is two stories, but for now the restaurant is operating on the first floor only. Check out the new menu and enjoy old favorites.

Also a victim of the fire was Sharky’s. The popular bar has been opening on weekends during construction and will be open again full-time in November. Also two floors, Sharky’s will continue to offer big screens for all the games.

–Ellen Zoe Golden

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