San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Arenal Report

Community leader, interpreter, problem solver, environmentalist and entrepreneur Patricia Brenes has found a new way to help the people of Lake Arenal. She has opened Patty’s Garden at her home between San Luis and Tronadora, where she provides massage therapy, traditional and specialized, to help the body “return to its original state of pure harmony, balance and flexibility.” She writes, “Muscle massage combined with other therapies encourages complete relaxation while leaving you totally energized.” 

Patricia offers traditional massage at 40-60 minutes for $25. She also provides partial massage for quick relief, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage as inspired by the Mayan culture, herbal ball massage, reflexology massage involving acupressure, and what she calls “forest massage,” a fusion of several massage techniques and “intensely fragrant essential oils.”

Call her at 8301-8535 or 2693-0000 to return to your original state of pure harmony, balance and flexibility in Patty’s Garden, or to reach that state for your first time, though flexibility may be a special challenge for Patty if, like me, you have a knee made of other than your original materials. 

–Alex Murray

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