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Coco Capsule

In honor of the International Day Against Breast Cancer Oct. 19, Guanacaste Medical is offering women complete medical exams, including breast exam, Pap smear and gynecological diagnosis, throughout October for $70. To make an appointment, call Dr. Marianne Chacón at 2667-0101, or visit the center halfway between the Do It Center and Hidden Garden Art Gallery.

When nearby countries or “back home” begin to look stale, perhaps it is time to explore new frontiers for short getaways. Latin American Collection is offering some outstanding packages to Rio, Buenos Aires, Chile and other points south. Check out or call 2283-5284.

Though Pacifico Beach Club is closed for the month – along with Citron and Ginger – it will host its traditional Halloween Costume Party Oct. 29. Reservations are suggested for this popular event; call 2670-2217. Those looking to find a new location for their Sunday and Monday football fix need go no further than Coconutz, where all televised games will be shown on 12 TVs scattered around the large restaurant. Congo is also staying open for the month and continues to be a popular spot for breakfast and lunch in Pacifico Plaza, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

With all the food Coco offers, residents are taking advantage of Coco Gym and Fitness, where, for $37 a month, trainers can develop a specific program for your needs while providing dietary information for you to get fully in shape for the demands, physical and aesthetic, of the high season just around the corner. 

–Kent Carthey

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